Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bird Family Weekend--July 2010

With the birth and adoption of the newest member of the family, Eli Michael Nelson, Keralyn, Mike and Eli were with us for 4 days. Alan was up from AZ for most of the month of July and so we really enjoyed being together as a family. Kelly and Amy Bird were here from TX and Amy took our pictures (again). I tried to upload each pic, but blogger did not cooperate and I wanted to update the here it is.
The backyard we are in is a family some blocks away where Justin had helped build a deck...they were sweet to let us use their yard! So you see how our family is growing! Three grandsons....7 kids...a Grammy, a even dozen....quite a "flock". Since this pic, Justin, Tabitha, Jack and Alex have moved to AZ. We sure miss them! Now I have no grandsons in this state!! I sure enjoy them when they are here or when we visit....being a Grammy is the BEST!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

These pics are really backwards. Steve and I visited the "Bird" graves in Springville on Sunday; then went to Ogden for the "Mills" part on Monday. Our pic would have been complete if Russ/Wendy had been there, but their family was well represented by Ben and Brittany. I love:) Ethan and Matthew's "ok, let's get this over with" pose...
Mom and Dad look really good considering the extensive hospitalizations for both just prior to this holiday. They are ...thankfully...on the mend; and, as Dad puts it..."looks like I'll be around a few more days!" Hope it's MUCH longer than that, Dad.
A huge thank you to Randy and Jen for helping Mom and Dad during their events and recovery and to everyone who pitched in and helped with food, set up and clean up...what an awesome flock!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tulip Festival

Ever since Thanksgiving Point opened and started featuring the Tulip Festival, I have wanted to go, but never have. This year I was d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d to go. I invited Stephanie and Tabitha to go, figuring if I included others, I wouldn't let something else get in the way.

This is a beautiful tree we saw + a cute duck....
The weather nearly ruined it for was so beautiful during the 1st week and 1/2 of the festival, but Stephanie was having finals. She could go today....but it was SNOWING and COLD.
This is "Frankfurt" the owl we saw sitting on his/her nest by
the waterfall....
I called my friend, Kaylene, who works at TP and she said it was really pretty out there, no wind, cold, but if we bundled would be ok. Well, that was about 3pm, but we didn't get there till 5:45 and conditions had changed .....not for the better.
We rented a golf cart and took off. One good thing, not alot of other people to beep-beep at. It was breathtakingly beautiful!!! Cannot describe to you how beautiful it is....even in arctic weather~
This waterway runs thru the entire garden and is so picturesque....this little pic doesn't even come close to capturing it.
We found the Secret Garden....see how bundled up we are....we weren't "numb" was early on in our journey:)
Tabitha's favorite....daffodils but the purple tulips were gorgeous!
These yellow tulips with red in them are my favorite tulips....but my favorite flower is hyacinth.
We stayed almost 2 hours, till it closed and was REALLY COLD, but we were numb by then so we didn't feel much. We got Starbucks hot chocolate and that warmed us up good. It was a great we plan to repeat......Thank You Kaylene:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alexander James Bird

.......getting ready, getting psyched......

So here it is, Wed 2/24/10 and Tabitha is being induced the next day. She is SOOO ready! They arrived at our house on Wed evening to hang out and spend the night just in case the little guy decides to come on his own(not likely)...before he is forced out. We had a fun evening....
watching "Mean Girls" (I'm guessing we would not have watched that movie if we were expecting a girl to be born in less than a day...wouldn't wanna jinx the little princess).

After the processing...we got down to serious business of playing Monopoly Deal...where Tabitha whipped us all:) We had to stop occasionally to let her breathe thru a contraction once the "Pit" was started. I have no clue how to un-underline on a post.....

sorry you can't eat, Tabitha, but we're hungry so we are going to go down to the cafeteria and eat...don't have the baby before we get back! haha (she didn't, but she was having the epidural when we got back...don't have pictures of that, thank goodness!!!)

beautiful view from the window....Tabitha, this is for you since you weren't interested in looking out the window....I mean you were busy having a baby and all~~~~~~~~~~

*******pause for non-picture-taking activity in the deliver room and******

3 pushes and there he is.............

Alexander James Bird is born at 10:15 am on Thursday, February 25, 2010...
7lbs...19 in long!
He didn't really cry until the nurse picked him up like this and carried him away, he did not like that AT ALL and he cried a big one....that's when I started crying, was just such an amazing experience!
exhausted but beautiful mommy and baby~~~~~~~~~~~~and daddy.
held and loved by Aunt Stephanie and Grammy~~~ then the 1st family picture(minus Jack)
Justin and Tabitha....thank you for letting me share this wonderful, special day with you!
I love you all

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

They just don't make Valentines Cards like they used to.
I got this card from Janice Kuse in 3rd grade. It is 6x7 and has glitter all over.
I remember we made Valentines boxes and decorated them...then brought Valentines
and "delivered" them to everyone's boxes. Janice's valentines were nearly always too
large for the boxes and sat outside they should. Janice was mentally
retarded but went to our school until about the 6th grade when she moved to a special school.
She was a very special person.
Happy Valentines Day:)
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas on New Year's Day...

Since Justin, Tabitha and Jack were in AZ this year for Christmas, we opened our presents on New Year's Day. Everyone was here to ring in the New Year (except Alan). We slept in till about 9...then we opened presents.

It was mostly a "Nemo" Christmas for Jackson...he got the movie (from his AZ grandparents, a Dori and Nemo blanket from us and this cute Nemo pillow from Jarren and Steph.

Jarren and Steph got some much needed stuff and gave some darling home-made gifts.

It is just so fun watching a little one tear into a package. Jackson is so meticulous about it (he gets that from his mommy) removing each piece of wrapping paper made Christmas last even longer:)
Steve loves to get $$ so he can buy MORE books!

I got some beautiful gifts....but my greatest joy was having my family there...Alan we sure missed having you with us.
Justin and Tabitha wished for and got $$ to pay for their amazing double stroller....but they didn't just get $$, they had to work for it. They went on a treasure hunt throughout the house, figuring out clues that led them to more clues and cold, hard cash... it was so much fun to plan, play out and watch (thanks, Stephanie for being the creative genius behind it)

Happy New Year.....2010 will be wonderful!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Fall day

So, this was kinda the last fall day....tho' it had already snowed a little bit. We tended Jack so Justin and Tabitha could celebrate their anniversary. Jarren and Stephanie stayed and we all played hard! Jarren and Stephanie took Jack for a walk down the street and found this tree with it's beautiful colors still intact. Jack brought the leaves home and carried them around for awhile.
We had a marvelous time....but I was so tired! I truly believe you're supposed to have children when you are young for a very good reason:)
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